S.V.A.T. Astatine

S.V.A.T. Astatine is the study association for open-minded engineers.

S.V.A.T. Astatine

S.V.A.T. Astatine is the study association for Advanced Technology. We are there for our students and are run by our students.

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Encouragement prizes: Shell graduation prize for Martin Klein Schaarsberg!

Martin Klein Schaarsberg, a former AT-student, received the Shell graduation prize from the Royal Holland Society of Sciences in Haarlem recently!

Martin graduated in the field of Applied Physics, where developed a new method to measure temperature underneath a heated surface that is cooled by a liquid. His foundings can give new insights in the heat transfer between surfaces and liquids, which is useful for the cooling process of hot surfaces in industry.

Martin is currently is doing research at the University in Melbourne, we hope to read about his recent experiences soon in the Attentie.

Next to Martin another AT-student recently was given a prize: Ankit Anand was given the Young Talent Encouragement price, for having the highest average of the first year curriculum.

On behalf of Astatine we would like to say: Congratulations to both of you and we hope to see more of your achievements in the future!


Lustrum Activities – Be there!

The Lustrum period is already halfway, but there is still a lot to come! Lots of exciting activities are still in store, so make sure to not miss out on all the fun! Make sure to subscribe for the activities.

On Wednesday the 25th of November there will be a possibillity walk on water in a balloon, at Herbert’s Hysterical Hurly-Burly. That Thursday a Prom Dinner will be organized, which will be a combination of great taste and a touch of mystery!

On Monday the 30th of November it’s time for some action, in the Archery Tag game. On Wednesday the 2nd of December we will discover how multifunctional beer crates can be in the Beer Crate Stacking.

Monday the 7th of December the Lustrum organizes the Lustrum cantus, which will be held in the city centre. Unfortunately we will almost be at the end of the Lustrum fun. However, we will not let the festivities pass by without an amazing party to  end the period with. On Wednesday the 9th of December there will be the epic Lustrum Closing Party! The party can be found in the city centre, at the Crazy Kangeroe.

For more information about the activities, make sure to check out the Lustrum site. We hope to see you at the activities. See you soon!


Lustrum End Party

Date: Wednesday the 9th of December  Time: 21.00h  Place: Crazy Kangeroe

On Wednesday the 9th of December there will be an amazing party in the city centre. From 21.00h you are welcome to join us in the celebration at the Crazy Kangerend.PNGoe. Make sure you don’t miss it!


At the entrance of the bar there will be special Astatine cocktails waiting for you, together with some goodies. But the stock is not unlimited, so be there in time!


We hope to see you there!

Kind regards,

The Lustrum committee & the 11th board




Lustrum laptop sleeves

Due to the special Lustrum occasion are Lustrum Laptop Sleeves for sale at the board room at the moment. Made possible in cooperation with the Deco!

Feedback session mod02 & mod06

In the break of Monday the 7th of December (12:30-13:45) there will be a feedback session for Thermordynamics and Materials, Science & Engineering, to indicate the short term problems.

Adjusted Astatine room schedule

At the moment we try to keep the Astatine rooms open from (at least) 10.30h up to 15.30h. During these hours there will be someone available to assist. During the break from 12.45h to 13.30h, members of the board will be available.