S.V.A.T. Astatine

S.V.A.T. Astatine is the study association for open-minded engineers.

S.V.A.T. Astatine

S.V.A.T. Astatine is the study association for Advanced Technology. We are there for our students and are run by our students.

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In memoriam Bas Weijers

On April 14 2015, our first-year Advanced Technology student and Astatine member Bas Weijers passed away. He suffered a very severe brain haemorrhage while he was visiting his parents last weekend after which he slipped into a deep coma, from which he could not recover.

Bas started studying Advanced Technology in September 2014 and at that time described his choice in the following words: ”I expect the program as a real challenge, high school was pretty easy for me and now I'm ready for the real work!”. His fellow students got to know him as an enthusiastic team player, who had an eye and ear for everybody, many consider him their friend and are deeply affected by this loss. During the kick-in, Bas decided to join Audentis, and there equally, he made many friends.

We feel shocked and sad, and so do many of his fellow students. A memorial corner has been set up in HT709, next to the Astatine rooms, for anyone to go and remember Bas in their own way. There is the opportunity to contribute to the ‘book of condolence’, which will later be given to his parents. 

On behalf of board and members of S.V.A.T. Astatine, we offer our condolences to his parents, brothers and sister and all other friends and loved ones. We wish them strength to carry this great loss. Bas_2012.jpg


And the winner is...

This years educational award is won by Ruud van Damme. Congratulations!

Changes articles of the association

Dear members, On the 2nd of March there will be the next general assembly where the changes in the articles of the association will be discussed. Once every 5 years we can change these articles for free so this is an important event. If you have points you want to change in the articles of the association or the domestic regulations you can mail them to the board, the articles can be found on the ftp.

Board Interest

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