S.A. Astatine

S.A. Astatine is the study association for open-minded engineers.

S.A. Astatine

S.A. Astatine is the study association for Advanced Technology and Nanotechnology students. We are an international, non-profit association that caters to the needs of her members. We do this by organizing educational and fun activities.

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The Candidate Board of S.A. Astatine.

Yesterday, on the 16th of May, the yearly announcement BBQ for the Candidate Board was held. With the following division:

Rik Seelen - Chairman
Jons Bolding - Secretary
Bram Schotpoort - Treasurer
Laura Rodriguez Comas - Educational Affairs
Laura Berkhof - External Relations
Ralph Brantjes - Internal Affairs


Symposium Autonomous Systems

On the 25th of April, the symposium of Astatine about Autonomous System took place in Waaier 3. To kick off the day, Geert Folkertsma gave an introduction about the subject, after which Nicolò Botteghi talked about a pipe cleaning robot, PIRATE, and how to make it autonomous. Owen King followed by talking about ethics, with room for a discussion afterwards. Afterwards, a nice lunch made sure that everyone could recover a little and prepare for one of the two workshops. During the workshop by Sioux, participants were challenged to design a robot that can clean solar panels. Clear Flight Solutions had a workshop about their Robird, and what the issues could be with making it autonomous. After a few closing words by Geert, the day ended in the TAP, where participants could discuss the day with the added enjoyment of a drink. 


Educational price has been awarded!

On the 23rd of March, we announced the Advanced Technology teacher of the Year 2017/2018. We are glad to announce that Peter Dickinson has won this year’s Teacher of the Year Award! Peter Dickinson started as a math teacher at Advanced Technology in 2016 and continued to teach Mathematics β1 and β2 throughout this year. His patient and engaging approach have been very well received by the students and he has grown to be one of the most beloved math teachers in AT. This can be attributed to Peter’s infinite patience when explaining exercises during tutorials, his way of entertaining the students with his mathematics and his strive to help the students develop new skills.



Winner educational award 2017-2018: dr. Peter Dickinson

The winner of the educational award of 2017-2018 has been announced on the 23rd of March. From the selected candidates, we are proud to announce that dr. Peter Dickinson is this year's winner!

The first excursion of the year

On the 16th of September Astatine had its first excursion of the academic year. This time it was to Thales, where the members got to see the Thales compound, job opportunities and of course have a lot of fun!

Constitution of the 13th board

During the 34th General Assembly the 12th board has been discharged and the 13th board has been charged.

The ideabox

Do you have a suggestion or a great idea to improve Astatine? Send your ideas to thebox@astatine.utwente.nl


If you want to unsubscribe from Astatine, you have to do so before the 1st of October. This is done by sending an email to board@astatine.utwente.nl.